Island Room & Linen Spray



Noteworthy's non-toxic, aromatherapy room & linen sprays are the perfect alternative (or addition) to your favorite candles. They are long lasting and perfect to use in all living spaces. 

These sprays are even ideal for misting your bedroom linens and pillows! Use your Noteworthy aromatherapy spray to create a luxurious vibe any time of day.

Island fragrance notes: lemon peel, orange peel, mandarin, grapefruit, agave, peach, lime, & sugar.

*this scent is a perfect alternative to the popular "Volcano" scent. 

Shake well before use. Mist upwards. 


All of our candles are clean burning, asthma friendly, and non-toxic. No exceptions.... EVER!

All of our candles are made in-house. That way as soon as the final touches are made and the candles are ready, they will be shipped out Priority Mail via USPS along with the corresponding tracking information.