Clean Doesn't Have to Cost More

Finally. An affordable non-toxic candle! Noteworthy Candle Co. specializes in non-toxic, high quality, asthma friendly candles. The best news is, they still smell amazing!

Signature Collection is back!

Malibu Orange

Fragrance notes-

Top: Orange Peel, Peppercorn

Middle: Apple, Mandarin

Base: Vanilla, Tonka Bean

Vanilla Butter

Fragrance notes- Top: Amaretto

Middle: Rum, Vanilla

Base: Butter, Sugar, Cream, Spice

Hazelnut Latte

Fragrance notes-

Top: Hazelnut

Middle: Coffee

Base: Vanilla, Cream, Maple


Fragrance notes-

Top: Citrus, Cardamom

Middle: Palo Santo, Saffron, Violet

Base: Wood, Sandalwood, Smoke, Amber


Fragrance notes-

Top: Palm, Aloe

Middle: Oak, Leather, Patchouli

Base: Clove, Vanilla, Bourbon

"Hazard Groups" we don't tolerate:

- Carcinogens: These are materials known or believed to cause cancer. 

 - Mutagens: Materials that change the DNA of a cell, harming the cell and causing diseases.

- Reproductive Toxins: Toxins that negatively affect reproductive organs and/or increase the risk of birth defects. 

- Organ Toxins: Toxins that can cause adverse effects or disease in specific organs.

- Acute Toxins: Toxins that can cause unpleasant effects from just one exposure. Ex. spillage or ingestion. 

  • Affordable

    Our candles are priced comparably to other well-known candle brands, except ours burn longer, and have safer ingredients.

  • Non-toxic

    What you bring into your home matters. That's why we create all-natural, soy wax candles with clean burning essential oils & 100% cotton wicks.

  • Atlanta local

    A true small business: all candles are hand-poured in the kitchen!

Meet the Owner

In 2020, I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult. It suddenly became more important to me to know what I was breathing in. To keep myself well, I educated myself on the fragrances I was constantly putting into the air I was breathing at home. I became passionate about creating a safer alternative for one of my favorite things: candles!

I started out by making the scents that I enjoyed the most. Soon, family and friends began requesting their favorite aromas. I truly believe that a candle makes a house feel like home. My desire is that every household can choose a non-toxic alternative, and so I strive to keep my candles as affordable as possible.

I am excited for the opportunity to help you choose a candle that will best fit your home!

Breathe easy.

- Katherine

Colossians 3:23